Berodin Products

Welcome to Berodin® French Depilatory Wax imported into the UK exclusively by Julie Wilding and endorsed by Lori Nestore of Eva's Esthetics, aka the US Wax Queen. Lori and Count Christian des Garets, two pioneers in the wax industry, have joined forces to offer the finest premium wax products.


Formulated with exclusive patents, these third generation waxes are based on formulations by des Garets. With over 50 registered patents in the wax and perfume industry, this innovative and notable inventor is responsible for introducing polymer into depilation products and revolutionizing the waxing industry.


Berodin® products are superior to other wax products. Warmed at low heat, wax is applied just above skin temperature making it gentle yet effective. The creamy texture makes it less brittle and sticky than traditional waxes.


To compliment the wax is a complete line of pre- and post-wax accessories and home care products to support the service. Sales, technical support and suggestions are just a phone call away.

Berodin Black

Berodin Black is a perfect hair removal wax for anyone in esthetics. A soft wax hybrid of cream and gel that is gentle on the skin leaving no sticky residue. This innovative formula is the best of both worlds allowing for low temperature speed waxing leaving skin smooth and hair free. Berodin Wax is the best depilatory wax in the industry and is for professional use only.

Berodin Blue

Berodin Blue Hard wax allows for fast, efficient waxing with gentle results. This stripless wax is formulated with revolutionary polymers for flexibility. This allows the technician to apply the wax in multiple sections without the fear of breaking. The wax adheres firmly to fine and coarse hair without sticking to skin and is heated at a low temperature to minimize irritation. So gentle yet effective, your clients will notice the difference.

Post Wax Soothing Cream

Post Wax Soothing Cream Provides relief from post wax irritation. Powerful antioxidants and Canadian Willow Bark help reduce redness by 40% - 60% in 3 minutes, and Organic Aloe, Lavender, and Arnica leave skin feeling calm, cool and supple.

Clear It Blemish Control Gel

Tu’el Clear It is formulated with finely milled Organic Sulfur to kill bacteria and absorb excess oil without drying healthy skin. Allantoin completes the healing process by actively soothing and promoting cell regeneration. Blemishes will be visibly reduced in size or be ready to purge

Body Polish Kit

Green Clean and Pumice Gloves leave your skin refreshed and perfectly clean. Glycolic gently exfoliates and helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs, making this the perfect combo for smooth skin. Pumice Gloves are premium grade exfoliation gloves that are durable and last shower after shower.